Tantian training (relaxation of the mind)

Since ancient times, it has been said that tanden has a stabilizing effect on the mind, such as a steadfast heart and a strong liver, and that it also has an effect on vitality and longevity (anti-aging).


However, there are many theories about the true nature of the tanden, including that it is the abdominal muscles, the intestines, the place where qi (life energy) gathers, and the center of gravity of the body.


As you can see, Tanda is very elusive. As you can see, there are many theories about the position and shape of the dantian.


The reason why there are so many theories is because the dantian is a "sense consciousness" that recognizes the lower abdomen.


Since it is consciousness, there is no definite position or shape.


This means that if you increase your sensory awareness of the lower abdomen, you will be able to create dantians.


However, you should not focus on the lower abdomen.


However, you should not focus on the lower abdomen, because this will weaken your sensory awareness and the feeling of the dantian will disappear.


This is why in the "otashiki tyouseidousa" (Ota style adjustment movement), we focus on the pelvis.


This prevents excessive muscle tension and allows for the effective creation of tanden.


In addition to the tummy, there are other parts of the dantian

  • Upper tanden
  • middle tanden

It is said that there are three types of tanden.


Tanda training is designed to

  • Upper tanden, which is the center of the brain nervous system
  • The middle tanden, which is the center of the body trunk
  • which is the center of gravity of the body.

This is the core training to create the three tandens.

What you can gain by creating the three tandens

This is what is known as the "three tanden theory" in Eastern thought.


There are many theories on this.

  • Upper tanden is the forehead
  • The middle tanden is the chest
  • Lower tanden is the lower abdomen

is the prevailing theory.


Anatomically speaking, the brain, heart, and small intestine are located in these areas, respectively.


However, these organs are one of the body's organs and not the dantian.


So what is a dantian?


The word "dantian" means "field" (place) for making dan (medicine).


The idea is that if you store chi (matter and energy), which is said to be the root of all things, in that place, you can make medicine.


This is a concept of Eastern thought, so it needs to be separated from Western medicine and Western scientific interpretation.


Based on the above, we can define dantian as "the function of making dan (medicine) in dan (place).


For example

  • In the case of the lower tanden, it is the function of the organs and muscles in the lower abdomen including the intestines.
  • If it is the middle tanden, it is the function of the organs and muscles in the chest, including the heart.
  • In the upper tanden, the organs and muscles in the head, including the brain, work.

In other words, it's not about the body's organs and muscles, but their functions.


By creating the three tandens, the functions of these organs and muscles will be activated.

Effect of Upper Dantian

The first effect of creating the upper tanden is to increase the function of the brain.


The head contains most of the five senses such as the eyes, nose, ears, and tongue, as well as the cerebrum, which controls sensory information, and is also the center of peripheral and autonomic nerves.


By creating the upper tanden, the workings of the brain and nervous system are enhanced, and the ability to process and transmit information as well as the workings of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) are enhanced in a balanced manner.



  • Improving the rotation of the head
  • Easier to organize your thoughts
  • Clearer perception of things

and so on.


For example, if a person who has a narrow perspective and tends to think in a negative way has the Upper Dantian


If a person has a narrow perspective and tends to think negatively, if he or she creates the upper tanden, the result will be positive.


This effect can be expected.

Effects of the middle tanden

The middle tanden has a variety of effects that are little known.

  • Facilitates smooth communication
  • Grounding of the body
  • Improvement of physical functions

and more.


By doing this 

  • The autonomic nervous system is balanced, the body is healed, and the mind is at ease.
  • Relaxation of the mind and body, which releases tension and facilitates communication
  • Improved movement of the rib cage, allowing movement using gravity and vertical drag.

These effects can be expected.



 Why smooth communication is possible


Since the middle tanden is located in the rib cage, the movement of the ribs will improve and breathing will become deeper.


This helps to regulate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, stabilize the mind, and make the heart calm.


This makes it easier to have good interpersonal relationships and smooth communication.



Reasons for Granding


There is also a granding effect in the sub-umbilical tanden, but this effect is achieved by stabilizing the center of gravity.


In contrast, the grounding effect of the middle tanden is due to the relaxation of the ribs.


In this way, the arms and shoulders relax, making it easier to stay grounded.



Reasons for Improved Physical Function


This has a lot to do with the granding effect.


As we age, the movement of our torso becomes harder, and the ribs are the first to harden.


When the movement of the ribs improves, the movement of the arms improves, and along with that, the movement of the legs also improves.


This is because the relaxed ribs increase the effect of granding, allowing the body to effectively use gravity and vertical drag.

Effects of Subumbilical Dantian

First of all, the creation of the sub-umbilical tanden has a number of benefits.


The first is the well-known strong mental power.


When you become aware of the sensation of the dantian, the function of the internal organs (intestines) in the lower abdomen is activated.


This in turn stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.


When this happens, it suppresses the sympathetic nervous system from becoming overly tense when stressed, thus keeping the autonomic nervous system in balance.


This leads to mental stability and is the reason why you can acquire a strong mental strength that allows you to remain calm even in tense situations.


Another known benefit is the anti-aging effect.


This is also due to the fact that the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated by the activation of the intestines.


When the intestines are working well, it becomes easier to digest and absorb food, and the nutrients you take in can be used as materials to build your body.


In addition, when the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, you will be able to have a deeper sleep at night.


The human body repairs itself at night when we are asleep.


Getting a good night's sleep is the key to anti-aging.


And there is a little-known effect of the creation of the sub-umbilical tanden.


This is the improvement of the quality of physical movement.


The reason for this is that the center of gravity of the body is located at the tanden, and the hip joint, which is the starting point of the body's movements and is located around the pelvis, works better, allowing the leg muscles to be used more effectively.


In addition, the creation of the inferior tanden (lower tanden) activates the transversus abdominis muscle, which is the inner muscle that supports the body, allowing you to control the center of gravity skillfully and eliminate the blurring of the center of gravity.


By eliminating the blurring of the center of gravity, both the mind and the body become unshakeable.


This is the most important effect of the creation of the sub-umbilical tanden.